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Based in Livingston, Psyber-Tech 3D Printing provides 3D printing, design and industrial engineering services to businesses and private individuals. Psyber-Tech 3D works with their customer to take their ideas from the virtual world into the physical world.

  • CREATE NEW PRODUCTS QUICKLY – and innovate faster by creating prototypes quicker and identifying design flaws sooner.

  • COLLABORATE ON DESIGNS – instantly, even across multiple locations.

  • LOWER THE COST OF DESIGN – by creating multiple variations of your prototypes.

We are excited about the seizmic steps in the medical profession with 3D printing. There are four core uses of 3D printing in the medical field that are associated with recent innovations: creating tissues and organoids, surgical tools, patient-specific surgical models and custom-made prosthetics. One of the many types of 3D printing that is used in the medical device field is bioprinting. We put bioprinting under the microscope.


One of the many types of 3D printing that is used in the medical device field is bioprinting. Rather than printing using plastic or metal, bioprinters use a computer-guided pipette to layer living cells, referred to as bio-ink, on top of one another to create artificial living tissue in a laboratory. These tissue constructs or organoids can be used for medical research as they mimic organs on a miniature scale. They are also being trialled as cheaper alternatives to human organ transplants.

  • patient-specific organ replicas

  • arteries map

  • surgical instruments

3D printing has been used to create patient-specific organ replicas that surgeons can be use to practice on before performing complicated operations.

“Just wanted to say thank you for the new 3D printed microphone covers, these fit perfectly.  Great job, thanks again!”

Gerry Carroll

“Really quick on responding and a very high quality 3D printing service.”

Adam Knight

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