Welcome to Psyber-Tech 3D Printing

Based in Livingston, Psyber-Tech 3D Printing provides 3D printing, design and industrial engineering services to businesses and private individuals. Psyber-Tech 3D works with their customer to take their ideas from the virtual world into the physical world.

[Why use 3D Printing?]

Many people have heard about 3D printing and know what it is, but are unsure what the advantages are for their business.

Create new products quickly and innovate faster by creating prototypes quicker and identifying design flaws sooner.

Collaborate on designs instantly, even across multiple locations.

Lower the cost of design by creating multiple variations of your prototypes.

Improve ideas by sharing them visually.

Win more business by modelling concepts at the start of the design process.

Reduce the risk of new product launches by creating realistic prototypes.

Start selling sooner, no need for investment in large and expensive tooling.