3D Gigs and Fixtures – Circuit board

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Results are encouraging

We have been pleased with the encouraging results of the printed circuit boards using our 3D printer. This is an exciting development in the use of our 3D equipment.

The story so far

3D printed circuit boards are and will make an emergence in two areas. There is a niche place in large-scale manufacturing design for 3D printed boards. This is likely where advances in the electronic additive industries will stem. What will be much more highly praised in the circuit board realm is the ability for makers, DIYers, or even engineers to rapidly prototype a circuit board without dealing with the harsh chemicals that PCB manufacturing typically entails.

The combination of additive manufacturing and electronics is something to get excited about. It means that the day and age of being able to rapidly prototype and print not only mechanical but electronic parts is soon approaching. We are beginning to see fast production of virtually anything become an actuality, and that’s pretty cool.

A positive result

We have had a positive result with  the recent production of circuity boards and we are keen to work with circuit board manufacturers to exploire this prototype design phase further. To see an example of the quality of one of our 3D printed circuit boards, please call us or visit our office in Livingston.